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21 Mar 2010

His short documentary debut Jakarta Is Mine (2003) received Viewers Choice in Regensburg Short Film Week 2004 in Germany. His third short documentary Hardline (2004) was choosen as World Cup 2006 Official element and also brought him to Berlinale and Talent Campus Week in Berlin. The Jak (2007) and The Conductors (2008) were his feature length documentary with various awards and respects across the globe. The Jak was screened in several art house cinema in Europe and accepted as a cultural film. The Conductors is a Special Mention Documentary in Pusan International Film Festival 2008, The Best Documentary in Indonesian Film Festival, The Best Film in Documentary Film Festival. Both were commercially released in cinema across Indonesia.

Romeo Juliet is his first feature length fiction and he also well known in Independent Film scheme in Indonesia.




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